Monday, May 3, 2010


It seems like my shopping list keeps growing. I saw this jacket a few days ago at UO and last minute decided not to buy it!!

But after seeing this picture I regret not buying it on the spot.

I will officially be done with school in 2 days! I survived the semi-finals for my final project, and I will now embark in a 3 weeks internship in a few days. This year as been fun and sad at the same time, I just really happy this chapter of my life is done.

Photo cred. UO.UK and


hélène said...

Oh that jacket is so adorable!! I hate to be little devil on your shoulder but you should totally go back and get it ;)

I've actually been done school (final project as well!) for a little more than a week now and let me tell you I've never been more releived in my life lol good luck for your final leg :) :) and for your new internship!! Where is it at??


Jane said...


Cynthia said...

Thank you girls for the comments, and yes Helene I will be going back to UO to get the jacket!!!