Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I truly wish that Topshop would show some love to the Canadians, I find that it truly sucks that they only ship to the U.S... because I would buy these in a hearthbeat.
Please Topshop gods...provide international shipping to Canada.

If money grew on trees...

I haven't had time to do anything over the short holidays and now that school started it is no different. But on my couple of hours I had spared last week, I decided to go browsed through one of my department stores...Winners (equivalent of T-j maxx and Marshalls, to whom ever was wondering). A few bags caught my attention....
The Ysl muse in brown...

*2 sizes were available large and small
Second the Ysl Rive Gauche zip tote (from the fall 2006 collection) brown

Both bags are retailed at 1,500$ at Winners, which is still a pretty hefty price tag... but, trust me if I had 3,000$ to burn, it would be on those babies.
* If anyone is interested, their were 3 bags left when I went there today (their was initially 4 when I first went).