Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Being bored during my day off prompted me to embark in a small project!! Lets hope it goes well. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Polo the pug

Here is the new addition to my family!!! I’m not usually a fan of pugs, but when the bf sent me a picture of Polo (also called the vaccum!!lol) I fail in love. He’s adorable even when he’s chewing my fingers and toes.

No plain jane

Once again NYFW has been disappointing, I can’t say that any show has caught my attention and made me drool. Even my A.Wang didn’t do it for me, except for the shoes that were nice (I like construction worker type of shoes! And plus they’re heeled).

 But one thing that did not disappoint, were the streetstyles and some of my favourite contenders (Kate and Taylor) were able to cheer me up.


I'm a basket case

These Isabel Marant sneaker wedge are my ultimate favourite item! (At least one of them) they are near to impossible to find over the net. I love the fact that they look more like sneakers them wedged heels, Even if they are not love by everyone!! This bring me back to my high school years (who didn’t have a pair of heeled sneakers?!)