Sunday, April 11, 2010

As promised here are some of the purchases I made in the past month!!
E&J shoe boots, JC whip 2, Aldo pumps (which was a birthday gift from the bf, he knows me too well)

WinterKate shrug and Zara blazer


hélène said...

ahhh i wanted those also pumps so badly but for some reason, pumps do not stay in my feet when i walk, they always flop out :(

And i'm really loving those Phi-inspired heels, where did you get them?? I almost got them at Colette when i lived in Paris back in the fall but decided against it - with much regret now!!

Totally diggin that Winter Kate blazer too! Safe to say that your taste is pretty fabulous too ;)

Have a lovely day dear! xx

Jane said...

Those are some great purchases! I'm in love with those shoes!

Michelle Elaine said...

High five to the boyfriend! Isn't just great when they get it right :) Oh and I've been eyeing that winter kate piece, I just haven't come to terms with paying that much (because I'm incredibly broke).

Thanks for showing love to my DIY Miu Miu tights on "le Cheap c'est Chic".


P.S. - Jalouse! I have a bag that says that.