Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gimme more sales

The month of April is usually all about sample sales, which can be great, if you find the pieces you truly wanted!
Well I have been lucky! I found this amazing JNBY jacket at the sales agency i'm interning at (Seriously i'm not bias!). It has a Rick Owen feel to it, and is the fraction of the price. They also carry menswear and buttery soft leather jackets and handbags!!!!!
Well I will be enjoying this jacket before it gets too warm. Trust me the sale is worth it (and their is 2 days left!!!)
Here is a link to Koko agency facebook page!
wearing hunter boots/gap jeans/uo tee/AA hoodie/JNBY jacket


Stephanie said...

gorgeous jacket and i LOVE your jeans!!! xx

hélène said...

Man what a find!! And those jeans are amazing! Are they the ones Anja Rubik was wearing in the ads and the style is called something like very skinny or something like that?? If so, a friend of mine spent the entire fall season looking for them in stores in vain... finally they got them in recently and they looked horrendous on her! But they look completely FANTASTIC on you!!

And i'm also looking forward to sample sale season ;)

Hope you had a good weekend! xx

Jane said...

Just back from the old port sample sales. Didn't find anything interesting as expected. I love your jacket! Can you be any leaner? Everything looks great on you. I'm super jealous!

Cynthia said...

LOL thank you for the comments. thank you for saying ì'm lean!!!(I usually hear another word!!! and if I recall correctly you should shouldn't be jealous-cuz you are lean

adrienne said...

that jacket is beyond amazing. DAYUM.
love your style.