Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today was a such a peaceful day compare to the past few weeks. Had an examen for a class, meeting with my final project group, workshop for my final project and had my graduation and group picture taken. This was a breeze...only for the fact that I hate having my picture taken!

Being quite presentable today and having my little sister being my photographer for the day, I was able to have a decent outfit post!!!yay and a good close up of my favorite (that can be torture to my toes) boots.

silk top-Zara//Blazer-UO//jeans-Page denim(I swear I have other jeans I just love the fit so much) //boots-Zara
Pic. by my little sister!!!thank you


Jane said...

Love the outfit!! Those boots look great with the jeans!

Dan J. Yopp said...

these boots r killer!

montreal street fashion

Silje said...

I love this outfit everything fits so perfect!


-h said...

So perfect!!