Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alexander Wang

I have a small spot for T by Alexander Wang, I love the t-shirts and the dresses. I wear to sleep and wear them out (I know it doesn't sound hygienic!!! But I do wash them). The new collection seem promising!!!!
Photo cred. Knightcat


stephanie said...

i know!! im so obsessed with this dress! im just about to post it on stardust ;) it's just perfect. ♥


Jane said...

I want them all! + shoes + bags + a jacket... Where to find Alexander Wang in montreal except ssense.com?

Cynthia said...

lol...Tnt as a few selection of the T line and discovered over the week-end that Holt as a good selection!!! but the T ruin for 90$ over there, i think that Its less expensive to buy it at the stores!!! If you calculate shipping and exchange rate!!!




Jane said...

Thanks Cynthia! I thought montreal's HR doesn't carry Alexander Wang. I only knew the Montreal based Ssense carry some. They even have a Diego bag! Ssense also has a real store in old port. I went there very few times. It seems that they carry a lot of the trendy and high fashion brands and the price level is quite high.

hélène said...

I LOVE Hannah - she's the perfect fit for this campaign. Amazing!