Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have been searching high and low for this striped long sleeve sweater from Alexander Wang tee line. But I guess, I wasn't fast enough. Guess I will have to be very patient until it becomes available again!

Ps. Thought goes out to all the Haitian population.
Photo cred. TFS

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Jane said...

Hi Cynthia, I followed you here from thefashionspot forum, because I can't see the pics that you posted there (I am not a member and apparently to join that forum is not easy). I really like your blog here and I can't help but to let you know that I am also in Montreal and also have a huge addiction to ZARA and H&M, also fatasize of getting everything in Alexander Wang's collections and lots of the blogs that we are following are the same! I don't really know anyone who has the same style around me, (not that they are not chic). It's just that there's no one to share my passion with. I would really like to share shopping experiences with you if you feel like to. Here's my email: janegraeme@hotmail.com Good luck in everything!