Friday, January 15, 2010

Leather and Tweed

Always being very skeptical about posting my face on the internet (even if there is probably a few of them around somewhere). So here is my debut! (of course I had to hide my face!). Where is a jacket I found while doing an in prompt visit to my beloved store, Zara!!!! I've had my eye on the jacket for quite some time, when the time arrived for me to purchase it, they didn't have any in stock (nowhere)...Just to say that when I saw it today, I grabbed it and didn't let it go. It's a little bit big (size medium) but its nothing a good tailor can't fix.
Wearing a vintage Harley tee


Jane said...

Nice jacket! Looks great on you, not that big from the front. I went to Zara yesterday and found out lots of things were discounted for the 3rd time! I went a bit out of control wallet...:,( I bought 2 wool coats, a black fur vest,a shorts, a pair of pleated pants, 2 dresses, a cardigan and a sweater. I got the same black leather pants like yours earlier, and a grey one. Both are size S, but I found the waist a little too big. I was wondering if I can fix them somewhere... Any idea?

Cynthia said...

Sounds like great purchases!!!I'm still searching for a good tailor, but their some people that have been telling me that there is a good one on St-Catherine ST. (bldg. where the golf shop is and one on the corner of Stanley and Ste-Catherine). But i'll keep you posted when I go.

Ddays Of Our Lives said...

It always like that in Zara you never find same pieces that's why when you find something that you like, better take it!! Nice jacket anyway!!