Sunday, October 24, 2010

Undercover agent

Did a little haul to VV with my sisters today and scored a leather and a suede skirt!!!!
 For the past months I had been searching for a nice black large brim hat and was lucky enough to find a nice one at Club Monaco, even after purchasing this one a day before.
Hat-Club Monaco/Coat-very old/Poncho-Of two Minds/stripped tee-Tby AW/Jeans-Paige/Boots-Sam Edelman

Pic. by my lil sis C.


Sarah Desamours said...

I want a pic! I want a pic! Nice hat btw

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I was totally thinking of getting those sam edelman shoes! are they comfortable and true to size? =D
btw.. i remember that you got a JNBY jacket back then! would u mind telling me where u got it? i loveee itt!! thankss! =)

Cynthia said...

I wont lie the 1st week that i wore them they hurt! I had bandages where the shoe was rubbing on my toes, but now I love them and the are super comfortable (mind you I have worn them almost every day since I got them a month ago). I'm usually a size 7.5 but got a size 8 (so i guess they are t2s. but for extra comfort I would go half a size up)
But to be sure go to The Bay, If you live in montreal they have them in the cognac color(at least you could try it for size)

For my JNBY jacket I got it at the sales agency were I did my intership! but I could ask which store brought the jacket (again if you live in MTL)It is part of the Fall collection
Hope this helps!!! and thank you for visiting my blog

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for alll the great advices! lol. yes i do live in montreal. I didnt know the bay now carries such great items! im actually really surprised they have the boots there! i will definitely go try them on.

oh and please let me know which store brought the jacket!! You are soooo lucky to have your hands on them since last april! bcz i just saw a video from shopbop that this jacket is in JNBY store RIGHT NOW only. well, maybe they did some smalllll changes for the jacket. but it has the same leather sleeves and the rick owens style!

thanks again!!

Cynthia said...

Glad I could help, The Bay is becoming my new favorite place to shop. They have brand that you find on shopbop!!!!

I need to check this Shopbop video!!! I love my jacket! and trust it was worth the price I payed for it.!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is the link!!

but if you look closely, you gonna see that they actually clipped on the back of the jacket to make a nicer fit.. :P lol.. total fail. does your fit nicely?

Anonymous said...

I believe your jacket must be priced originally around $400-500!

Cynthia said...

Actually it fit nice!It's a medium so it's a bit big but perfect when I wear big sweaters and I saw the Video yesterday and I didn't see my jacket.

The jacket actually retails around 700-800$:( Very pricey!

Sylkie said...

I love how u say VV ;)

mac and mac said...

hat is so nice! recently from club monaco?

hélène said...

Looooove the whole look cynthia, impeccable :) And ain't nothing better than a good vv haul! xx