Sunday, July 18, 2010

Turks and caicos

My week-end has been packed, I have been (and still) babysitting my lil sis yorki and he's something. Having to wake up extra early to walk him and he is constantly in quest for affection.

 Had a belated party for one of my friend b-day, lots of home cooked food (home made by her Italian mother YUM!!!) and alcohol filled.

Had a little shopping trip with one of my oldest friend...I was ecstatic to find the lace up boots I had seen on Sandra's blog a couples months back (on sale) and the multiple stick from NARS!!the color is sheer so it gives a orange tint!Finished the day at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown. Now I'm pooped and ready to go to bed! (not after I walk Rocky)

Ps. sorry for the blurry last's courtesy of the bf. The top I brought at the bay two weeks ago.

1st pic wearing: shorts: Levi's/ tank:Olivia/sandals:Sam Edelman Last pic wearing: top: Myne/ Jeans: Paige/ Sandals: Sam Edelman


Anonymous said...

hiiii!!! i just landed on your page randomly and I live in Montreal too!! i would LOVEEEEE to know in which zara you found the boots! i fell in love with them back then too but it disappeared so fast. =( how much did you pay them?

Cynthia said...

I got the boots at the Zara in Laval!!! Hurry cuz their is only 2 or 3 pairs left. (2 of the are size 36, i think)

OOO and the were 50$ instead of 139$

Alice said...

that lipstick color is divine! cool blog.


Jane said...

You are your sister's yorkie look so cute together. Nice tanks!