Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I truly wish that Topshop would show some love to the Canadians, I find that it truly sucks that they only ship to the U.S... because I would buy these in a hearthbeat.
Please Topshop gods...provide international shipping to Canada.


Anonymous said...

I know! Me too. I love your blog.

Stephanie said...

I so wish Topshop would ship to Canada as well!!!! if only for the shoes!!!

Thanks for stopping by leChic and leaving me that comment :-)

Your blog is really really great! J'adore ;)It's so great to see some Canadian talent in terms of blogging cause I completely agree with your opening post, there just isn't enough!

As for the Armé Salut/Value Village, I go to the one in Dollard on Sources blvd and the one on Jean-talon just off Decarie. For the Armé Salut, I go to the one at Notre dame and Guy. Hope this helps!!


Sophia said...

Yeah it sucks that Topshop exists in the neighbour country (in my case Sweden) and not here in Finland :U