Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hello my name is...and I have an addiction!

I have a problem, in the laps of a month I brougth 4 pair of shoes. (Idon't see it has a problem by my bank account does) On top of that I already have 2 pair of shoes that I added to my list for future purchase, here are the soon to be addition the my shoe closet....I have to wait that those beautiful Melonie shoes from Steve Madden are delivered to my from door...(just to let you know they are "inspired" by Givenchy shoes). The second beauties....

I had the pleasure to try the Taggard booties at the Aldo store, suprisenly they are incredably comfortable and support my feet (I'm accident prone in heels, even with the many years of practice.)*very reminicent of the previous post

I seriously need to find a solution to my addiction!!!!!

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