Monday, June 9, 2008


I've decided to create this blog, because a lot of the blogs that I follow have inspired me a lot... but the one thing that made me want create this blog was the main fact that not a lot of then are from Canada (they are mainly from Toronto or Ottawa).
So enjoy!!!


Lauriane said...

I totally get what you said about canadian blogs, it's hard to find one out there. I am from Gatineau (aka hell hole right next to Ottawa) and I haven't found one single blogger from there!
Also don't worry about the blogging thing, it definitely gets easier!
Anywho, toodles!

margault said...

welcome !!!! i can't wait for the new posts, and i put you in my favs to watch your blog everyday !

Cynthia said...

Thanx very much for the great comments. yes blogging is hard cuz i have to find the time..(due to hectic schedule) I'll do my best to post as much as possible